Asbestos Management Plans

An Asbestos Management Plan (AMP) is formulated by Mg3 working closely with our clients. The AMP encompasses the information from the asbestos survey, detailing the measures and procedures which are to be implemented to manage the asbestos risk.

It must be easy to read and easy to find when you or anyone else, needs it. It must also be easy to update and should include:

  • Who is responsible for managing the asbestos
  • An extract from your asbestos survey (asbestos register)
  • Plans for work on asbestos materials
  • The schedule for monitoring the condition of the material

Mg3 offers a remote accessed, password controlled web portal system. The system can hold the operational AMP, asbestos surveys, including re-inspection surveys, asbestos removal project with the associated documentation including risk/method statements, waste consignment notes, air-monitoring certification and the sub-contractors training records.

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It is a legal requirement that the AMP must be reviewed and revised at least every year.

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